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NVC FUND has over 20 Years of Experience

NVC has focused on solving financial and business challenges while empowering our Partners and companies to be more productive, efficient, accurate and confident in business and financial solutions offerings

Over the years we have supported leading companies in multiple industries to identify, analyze and implement the NVC Commercial and Financial Strategies.

The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the ideal solution best tailored to meet our broader unique needs, resulting in a significant impact on service deliveries at a much higher levels resulting bottom-line performance. Our unique experience positions us well to guide your decision-making process. We believe the NVC EDI Systems solution will help meet your business financial and commercial needs.

New to EDI or Transferring Systems?

There are a handful of reasons that you might be looking for a new solution. Are you struggling with compliance on your current system? Are you currently using manual or automated systems that are not productive or efficient?

Are you new to EDI?

Do you have a customer that requires it? Finding the right EDI partner can solve all of these challenges. If you are not familiar with what an EDI system can do, we are able to help you gain the benefits of a state-of-the-art EDI solution.

Error Reduction

Integrating your EDI transactions with your back-office systems eliminates manual data entry and reduces errors related to these manual processes.

On-Premise/Cloud Software Solutions

For those companies that want to maintain full control over their EDI operations, software solutions are typically the best option. Regardless of document volumes, the number of trading partners or integration requirements, if you want to ensure that you are fully in the drivers seat to set up and run your EDI operation, there is no alternative to a software solution.

Optimize Allocation of Resources

A reduction in manual data entry allows your team to focus on higher value activities while decreasing the chance of human error.

NVC Fund Holding Trust is a Principal Facilitator

We are able to manage and leverage assets for maximum return for our partners, providers, investors, buyers and sellers.

Getting Started with Us

By filling our the registration form, you can tell us what you need to accomplish, what type of assets want to trade, what you want to buy, what you want to sell. We have effectively partnered with over 100,000 EDI Partners and Participants within the 450 Standard Industry Codes. We will partner with you to actualize your unique business and financial needs from our vast resources. To interact effectively with the NVC Platform, please review the various sections of this website to locate a topic that you are interested in the most.

Use the registration page to begin your relationship with us. Register for the type of account that will allow you to become a member and establish proper accounting for their commercial projects.

Additionally, use the support ticket area to tell us what you need to accomplish and we will work to actualize it from our vast resources.

Manage by Exception

Choosing a system that manages by exception allows it to essentially run itself, reaching out to you via alerts only when necessary.

Faster On-boarding

A rapid do it yourself on-boarding system for new trading partners facilitates growth and adaptability. This is critical to quickly realizing new revenue generating opportunities.

Move off Vendor Portals

Some of your larger customers may require new vendors without EDI to process transactions using arduous methods and multiple online portals. By having your own solution, it will eliminate these extra steps and improve efficiency.

One System of Record

An enhanced leading-edge EDI solution will replace outdated systems providing you the transparency needed to directly access the actual data exchanged with your most important business partners.

A Happy Accounting Team

Your accounting department will often be the first to realize the measurable benefits from the proper EDI system. This can include more timely customer payments, reduced pricing mismatches and fewer compliance deductions, fines and charge backs.

Improve Customer Relationships

Removing outdated systems and/or manual processes can positively impact customer satisfaction and loyalty, consequently improving your potential for growth.

An EDI solution, just like any other business system, must handle a variety of tasks reliably and cohesively. The end result should be automated and integrated B2B transactions.

Managed EDI Solutions

If you expect higher document volumes (more than 200/month) and have a back- office system that can be integrated but lack the resources or desire to manage your own EDI operation, a managed solution would be the best fit.

Managed EDI solutions essentially outsource this highly-technical function and serve as an extension of your business to manage the on-boarding, data mapping and ongoing monitoring and management of your EDI operations. These solutions are a great fit for companies that make the choice not to invest in EDI initially, but you want to ensure that the provider you choose has the option to bring EDI back in-house to manage in the future, if so desired.

If you are new to EDI or expect to exchange a limited number of documents (less than 200/month) with just a few trading partners (less than five), then a web-based solution is a good one. Web-based solutions may be implemented without integration with your back- office systems.


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Regardless of the industry your business is in, the main motivation here at NVC is to help grow your business by allowing you to enjoy access to working capital as and when you need it. Whether you need funds to hire new employees, fund a renovation, buy new production equipment, purchase inventory in bulk, pay off rent in bulk to increase your profit margins, and more, you will find our merchant cash advances to come in extremely handy for a wide range of applications. We also make it easy for your business to accept the most common types of payments through our electronic payment processing services. Whether you are thinking of expanding your brick-and-mortar business into an online shop or simply looking for better ways to provide customer convenience for payments, NVC provides you the tools you need with our industry-leading payment processing services. Let us put our passion and resources to work for you.

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