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Our Business Leadership, Chairman/Trustee & CEO

Frank Ekejija
. Chairman

Reverend Frank Ekejija is a Servant Leader, visionary, Minister, Philanthropist and Financier. Frank Ekejija is dedicated to serving humanity in an extraordinary capacity through the use of his vast business financial capabilities and capacity as a faithful steward of God’s resources.

It has always been my prayer that the Lord would bless me to be a blessing to the world. As long as I could remember, my prayer has been that God should make me a conduit of blessing to people everywhere.  “The Lord answered my humble prayer in such profundity. God has done even more than I ever hoped or dreamed. 

By faith I am grateful for the opportunity to be of services to His Glory. I can say that I am blessed beyond measure” 
Frank Ekejija has over 30 years of proven experience as a Business and Financial Consultant spanning all areas of finance, insurance, securities, private banking, venture capital, commodities, international trade, real estate, and mortgage banking.

Frank Ekejija has been at the cutting edge as a Business and Financial Consultant offering leadership as Founder, Co-Founder, President, Chairman and CEO in several businesses and organizations. He has held positions of responsibilities with companies such as: Allstate Financial Services, Inc, The Mony Group, Countrywide Mortgage, Inc., WMA Securities, Western Reserve, AEGON Skandia, AIG, American General Life and Bankers Life. 

Rev. Ekejija holds a BBA from Dallas Baptist University. Over the years, Mr. Ekejija has held relevant professional licenses required to serve his clients.


We are a Custodian for Asset Based Collateral

Asset Based Collateral has for long been considered one of the safe investment models, since the value of Asset Based Collateral  always goes up in the long term. Increasing demand for both commercial and residential property is responsible for this.

As a result, many entrepreneurs decide to start Asset Based Collateral  businesses in various forms such as by building and selling homes, renting out property and buying land and later selling it when its value has significantly risen. Irrespective of how you run your business, it often requires business acumen to make profits.

Many times, business owners will find themselves in a cash crunch. Rather than panicking about it, a smart idea would be to seek financial services from firms such as NVC Platform  Division so as to keep the business afloat.

Cash flow problems can be addressed by using an Asset Based Collateral strategy that can arise from many sources. For instance, you could build units for rent, and then find that the occupancy rate is very slow.

The money obtained from rent may not be enough to fulfill your obligations such as mortgage payments and maintenance of the property as well as marketing to attract more clients. This could easily lead to the business stalling, but you can trust NVC Platform  Division to come through for you.

NVC Platform Offers Solutions for an Asset Based Collateral  Businesses. The amounts of money needed to keep a Asset Based Collateral  business above ground are usually large, but NVC Platform  Division can easily finance the business.

We provide a wide range of financial services you can choose from including merchant cash advance, invoice financing, working capital and more.

The most notable feature about the NVC Platform  Division model is that rather than offering the same type of service to all firms, we take the time to understand your financial needs and then come up with a customized product that will not only be business-friendly, but will also maximally benefit the business.

Despite the complexity of financing some Asset Based Collateral  businesses, NVC Platform  Division has acquired a lot of experience in this industry, and will therefore ensure that your experience will be smooth and trouble-free.


Examples of Using Asset Based Collateral to Achieve Business Capitalization

  • Recruiting more representatives or hiring more staff
  • Launching marketing campaigns
  • Paying for major renovations or expanding office locations
  • Placing more ads in the newspapers
  • Construction Projects
  • Recapitalization of a Merger or Acquisition Deal
  • Infrastructure Improvements

Why Choose NVC Platform  Division For Asset Based Collateral  Business Financing?

NVC Platform Division makes access to Asset Based Collateral  business financing very easy; the application process is highly simplified and the turnaround time is unrivaled.

We have one of the highest acceptance rates in the industry and work hand in hand with Asset Based Collateral  businesses to make them thrive.