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Here are some questions and answers that potential clients, partners, and institutions ask us.

NVC Funds is a private financial institution that aims to create long-term value for its clients by investing in innovative and sustainable businesses. NVC Funds believes that the future belongs to those who can harness the power of technology, creativity, and social impact.

NVC Funds offers its clients a range of services and products, such as wealth management, asset management, private equity, venture capital, and philanthropy. NVC Funds also provides access to exclusive opportunities, networks, and events that can enhance its clients' personal and professional growth.

NVC Funds has a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who have diverse backgrounds and expertise in various fields, such as finance, technology, entrepreneurship, law, and the social sector. NVC Funds also has a board of advisors and partners who are leaders and influencers in their respective industries and domains.

NVC Funds selects and evaluates its investments based on a rigorous and holistic process considering the potential businesses' financial and non-financial aspects. NVC Funds looks for businesses with a clear vision, a strong team, a scalable model, a competitive edge, and a positive social and environmental impact.

NVC Funds supports and adds value to its portfolio companies by providing them with capital, mentorship, guidance, connections, and resources. NVC Funds also leverages its network and platform to showcase and promote its portfolio companies to potential customers, partners, investors, and media.

NVC Funds aligns its interests and incentives with its clients by adopting a transparent and fair fee structure based on the performance and results of its investments. NVC Funds also shares the same vision and values as its clients and seeks to create a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship with them.

NVC Funds measures and reports the impact of its investments using a comprehensive and standardized framework that captures both the quantitative and qualitative indicators of its portfolio companies' social and environmental outcomes. NVC Funds also engages with independent third-party evaluators and auditors to verify and validate its impact claims.

NVC Funds ensures the compliance and governance of its operations and activities by adhering to the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct and following the industry's best practices and regulations and the jurisdictions where it operates. NVC Funds also has a robust and independent internal control and audit system that monitors and reviews its performance and risks.

NVC Funds fosters a culture of innovation and excellence within its organization by encouraging and empowering its team members to pursue their passions, ideas, and initiatives. NVC Funds provides a stimulating and supportive work environment promoting learning, collaboration, and diversity. NVC Funds also recognizes and rewards its team members for their achievements and contributions.

You can start working with NVC Funds by contacting us through our website, phone, email, or referral. We will assign you a relationship manager who will be your main point of contact and guide you through the steps involved. The steps include: 1) Getting to know you and your needs; 2) Opening an account and transferring your assets; 3) Developing and implementing your investment strategy and portfolio; 4) Monitoring and reviewing your portfolio and strategy; 5) Providing ongoing support and advice.

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Our Services

A Comprehensive Capital Markets Platform


NVC Investor Solutions combines an open architecture approach with NVC's specialist investment firms' capabilities, alongside NVC Wealth Management's advisory services and custodial oversight and servicing expertise from NVC Asset Servicing businesses. In bringing these capabilities together, NVC Investor Solutions offers comprehensive portfolio management and investment advisory services to help endowments and foundations, family offices, pension plans, and other institutional investors meet their specific investment objectives.


We view private banking as integral to our client’s overall wealth management strategy. At NVC FUNDS, private bankers partner with our wealth management team to help ensure our clients receive a comprehensive approach to banking and credit needs, drawing on lending specialists and other experts as needed while providing unsurpassed personal attention and service. The result is a tailored solution that reflects each client’s unique tax, financial, and personal circumstances—and is fully integrated with their wealth management strategy.


Digital assets are an expanding and evolving ecosystem. As the industry develops and matures, so too must the technology and specialist services. Innovation requires commitment; expertise and trust are vital. We have designed a platform at NVC that bridges digital and traditional assets. In meeting the changing needs of our clients, we aim to support the entire lifecycle of digital assets with a focus on risk management that addresses the unique regulatory and security needs of this market. Our initial focus is on using the power of blockchain and asset tokenization technology to drive operational efficiency, mobility of assets, transparency, and real-time access to data.


Expert guidance on executing profitable trades in diverse financial markets and financial instruments. Strategic management of buy-sell of cash and asset-backed SBLC, BG, MTNs, and other alternative assets. We offer scaled, integrated solutions across financial platforms, front office and distribution channels, investment and portfolio management, and middle and back office. This can allow clients to reduce costs and increase efficiency while maintaining complete oversight of their outsourced operations.


Personalized financial planning and advisory services to grow and protect your wealth from generation to generation into the future. Our open architecture model and partnerships with providers across the investment value chain can give you access to best-of-breed technology. We digitize and integrate core solutions—our own and our partners'—to help you streamline operations to deliver customized, efficient, and resilient solutions.


Tailored investment strategies to optimize portfolio performance and manage risk effectively. From mainstream equities to alternatives, from private debt markets to the world of fixed income, each of our investment firms has its own specialist investment expertise, culture, philosophy, and proprietary investment process.

We partnered with the NVC Platform and saw significantly reduced processing time and errors. It's a reliable and user-friendly solution.

Rebort Paranto

Reduced processing time.

Using the NVC Transaction Platform has simplified our financial transactions and improved transparency. It's a game-changer for our business!

J. Williams

A real game changer

It is the best quality service I have had. The wealth management system is excellent. The beneficiary listing system makes it quite efficient.

Joseph Nick


Institutional wealth managment, trannsaction and private banking services to clients and partners all over the world.

NVC Transaction Platform a bespoke secured and robust system. We underwrite and facilitate at scale and agility that exceeds expection.


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